Week 8

Week of July 29, 2018

Minor Corrections to By Copy-Restore


Dr. Naps pointed out a mistake I made for the text on one of the slides, so I took care of that right away. He also suggested moving the pointer labels next to their respective labels in the foo box. Here’s what that looks like:

moving jsav pointers...

It looks better, since it doesn’t cover as much content and also does a better job illustrating where values are coming from. But pulling this off with the current version of JSAV is a total mess. Unlike most objects in JSAV, pointers can’t be positioned relative to arbitrary JSAV objects. Instead, they’re positioned relative to the target they’re pointing at.

However, there is a trick to position the label relative to something else. By setting fixed to true, the pointer can first target an array to position the label relative to, then re-target the pointer to the actual target. Since fixed is set to true, the pointer label isn’t repositioned after pointing back to the correct target.

This is what my code basically looks like right now:

cprPointers[fooVarNames[i]] = av.pointer(fooVarNames[i],fooVars[fooVarNames[i]],{
  targetIndex: 0,
  fixed: true,
  left: (leftMargin * -1.75),
  top: 8,
  anchor: 'left center'
  targetIndex: destIndex

Not ideal, but that’s just the way it goes sometimes. JSAV pls fix.

Here’s my commit.