Week 7

Week of July 22, 2018



All I did today was clean up my existing code in preparation for adding the byref slideshow code. When committing, I made the mistake of pulling after I made my commit. The merge seems to be okay though, so hopefully I didn’t mess anything up.

Here’s my commit.

Byref Slideshow is Working


After some fiddling, I was able to adapt the existing byval slideshow code to work with byref examples. From what I’ve seen it works correctly, but I will do more rigorous testing before I can confidently say that it’s done.

My biggest obstacle throughout the process of adapting the slideshow code to output a slideshow for byref was my own code. I wrote a small handful of helper functions, but I wrote them without considering the big picture. I didn’t think about how any other param passing methods might interact with my functions down the line, only how byval would. To remedy this, I tweaked my functions in order to work with pointers in addition to simple values.

Another issue I’m running into is how unstructured my code is. It’s a mess. It works okay, and I can work with it for now. But if I spend too long without looking at it, it’s very hard to come back to it and understand what’s going on. Again, this is a result of not properly planning everything out ahead of time.

Here’s my commit.

Copy Restore Slideshow Complete


Two slideshows in one week? Well this one didn’t take much work at all, since it’s very similar to byval with some byref thrown in at the end. While I do want to change the positioning of the labels for the pointers in byref at some point (since they cover content), I don’t mind leaving copy restore the way it is. The reason being that the pointers only show up for one slide, so it doesn’t matter so much that they’re covering content.

This has been the easiest slideshow so far. No real challenges to mention on this one. Next I’ll be tackling the macro method. I suspect that one will be easy also.

Here’s my commit.