Week 4

Week of June 17, 2018

Generating Slideshows for Generated Code


Today I started rewriting the slideshows for by-val and by-ref to use automatically generated problems. The approach I attempted to use first was write a function for each method, that only knew enough to visualize the types of problems the code generator generates. This worked out fine until I realized that some lines could be quite complicated to parse without a full-blown interpreter.

At that moment, I decided to try approach number two; write the visualizing code into the existing interpreter. This turned out to also be very difficult. I spent some time trying to figure out where I could start creating slideshow slides, but due to how much the interpreter depends on recursion, I wasn’t able to do so today.

This got me thinking, would it really be that difficult to just interpret some of the more complicated lines myself? I believe that method might just be worth another shot. But not today.