Week 11

Week of September 9, 2018

Making an exercise


It’s been difficult juggling my internship, school, and this project all at once, but I’m so great that I’m able to pull it off. This week I’ve been exploring JSAV proficiency exercises. Today I made some progress converting the byval slideshow into an exercise. So far I have a working initialize function. I also wrote the function that executes when clicking on an array element.

Initially, I thought I wrote that part incorrectly because it only worked when clicking on class-level elements (not main or foo). Turns out the rectangles I put around main and foo variables are the topmost element and they prevents the user from clicking all elements beneath them. 🤦

Anyway, playing with the z-index of some of the elements fixed it. JSAV pls fix.

Here is my initial commit. Still a WIP.