Week 1

Week of May 20, 2018

Day One


Today I mostly set up my work environment and made sure I could build my fork of OpenDSA on my local machine.

The setup process was well documented and easy to follow, though it assumed the reader used Windoze. My biggest hurdle was getting PIP to work in order to install Sphinx, as well as other dependencies. Apparently PIP is not straightforward to use by default in Ubuntu, so I used virtualenv as a workaround as suggested by edwinksl on Ask Ubuntu.

Once I was able to build the PL book, I installed XAMPP in order to serve up the generated webpages over HTTP. Instead of acquiring root perms everytime I wanted to make changes to anything being hosted, I moved the web server’s root directory to my user folder.

Last, I wrote a couple shell scripts to make my life easier. One was for stopping and starting XAMPP. Another was for making the project. That script is really handy since I need to use my virtualenv in order to have access to Sphinx when issuing the make command.

Hello World


Today I launched my project’s blog using GitHub Pages, Jekyll, and Jekyll Now. This site’s repository is available here.

Next week I hope to become familiar with visualizations and create a simple visualization.